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Clone Engines

Flathead Engines

Animal Engines

Engine Pricing

B.P IC Flathead Dual Bearing $1650.00
B.P.IC Flathead Restricted D.B. $1665.00
B.P IC Stock Appearing Flathead $1950.00

AKRA Legal Blue Printed Clone $950.00
AKRA Legal Builder Prepared Clone $1200.00

B.P. Animal Engine $1500.00
B.P. Restricted Animal $1515.00
B.P. Animal Modified $1950.00

Rebuild on KPC Flathead $200.00 + parts
Rebuild on KPC Clone $200.00 + parts
Rebuild on KPC Animal $225.00 + parts
(Add $100.00 to non KPC Engine)
(Dyno Service $50.00)

Flatheads come with Linkage Kit, Filter Cup, Tank Brace, KPC Chain Guard.
Animals come with KPC Chain Guard and Kwik Link Kit.
Clones come with Top Plate, Fuel Pump, Chain Guard, Filter Cup, And Alum Flywheel. All New KPC engines are Dyno Tuned.

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